pianos become the teeth | houses we die in

I get strangely angry when I see something band related with thousands of notes and the lyrics are wrong


Gonna try n give that pma another go

TITLE: UnknownWatch Me Rise
ARTIST: Unknown Have Heart
PLAYS: Unknown1869
yis thnx mr postman ☺️
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hull was cool ☺️
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I left my records on the train and because it’s not terminating at King’s Cross they said they’ll bring them back for me. I have to wait at Grantham til the train comes back, otherwise they’d end up in Hull and that’d be a nightmare to get to for picking them up. Grantham is shit, I’ve been here an hour and a half and I still have over an hour to wait. Of course this would happen to me :(

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too good #thefrontbottoms 😁💕
hull today ☺️
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Oh dear, the fact that my brother’s having a baby has been made official via Facebook. YES WORLD, I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE WATCH THE FUCK OUT

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