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Every film I’ve watched in the last 20 months.

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I’m looking forward to getting away from home this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. I’m not excited about spending time with my family, I’ve had pretty much no contact with anyone since my mum died. I’ll probably just get really drunk and vomit on someone.

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and I’m not scared of ghosts,
I embrace them all as friends,
because one day I’ll be dead,
and they will know my name

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Dangers - My Wonder Years Never Got Canceled

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Sometimes I’ll go to make a post and remember that no one cares about my life. Cancel post, go back to laying face down on the sofa. 

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Old Gray | Vulcan Death Grip

You said that everything would be okay
that we could settle down in a house by the river.
Well, look at us now.
I don’t know where I am
and I don’t know where I will go.
Maybe someday you will love me
but I don’t think that I can wait.

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