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i owe some people the world but i owe you shit


Derby Vic Inn

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too tired

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Wolf Dix Rd | Iron Chic

What was the question? 

I don’t know 
I wasn’t paying attention 
You say I’m lacking direction 
Is my course corrected? 
I don’t fucking know 
I’m gonna find out on my own ”

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I am entirely speechless (at Webster Hall)


You find things about yourself that you will soon forget. 
Counting old friends left behind a jaded mind to go with it. 
Hatred flowing through your veins but jealousy is all you feel. 
Mistaken from the start, always wrong that never ends. 
You can never be in love until you learn to be alone. 
You will never miss those heavy eyes until you’re left with none. 
You can never achieve true happiness until you hang your head

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tru love

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*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

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