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i just want a pop punk boy to send me pics of him fucking a pizza and shoving a title fight cassette tape up his ass

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I’m v. excited for tomorrow, off to Derby to see Citizen, Diamond Youth + Headroom. Also going to attempt to find a dress for my cousin’s wedding next week.

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drewdotexe said: okay! if you want to bitch at me then you can but you better not be reassessing my position in yo life as ‘The One That Got Away’

n’aw drew, we will be reunited :( friends 4eva

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drewdotexe said: is you ok emily is you good?

v.good thanx dru boy :—) this reminds me that i was going to send you a video

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I’m starting to reassess the relationships I have with some people I would’ve considered ‘best’ friends 10 months ago.

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ACxDC - Filicide

"A life is lost because you called him a fag
You’d rather be a good christian than be a good dad”

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I knew your postcard would say, “I know your new heart still desires to play and who would I be to keep it all for me?” Wish I could stay, wish I felt the same way.

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